6th Grade of the 3rd Primary School, Veria, Greece

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Veria is a city built at the foot of Vermion Mountains in Northern Greece. It is a commercial center of Macedonia, the capital of the prefecture of Imathia, the province of Imathia and the seat of a bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church. Veria is on the site of the ancient city of Beroea (called Berea in some translations of the Bible), which was prominent from the 4th century BC and part of the Kingdom of Macedon. Part of Rome from 168 BC, both Paul and Silas preached there in AD 54 or 55. Diocletian made the large and populous city one of two capitals of the Roman Province of Macedonia, and it was one of the earliest cities to become the seat of a bishop. Invaded by Bulgars, it was conquered by the Ottomans in 1361, who named it Kara Ferye. It was incorporated into the Greek state in 1912.

Teachers joined the project

Koukourikou Aristi, teacher school

Toulioppulos Vasilis, teacher school (as our technical supporter)

Tsitiridou Roula, English teacher

1. Arapidou Theopoula
2. Georgiadis Stratos
3. Giannopoulos Antonis
4. Ziliaskoudis Isidoros
5. Litsmanov Roudi
6. Nathanail George
7. Outsetaris Aggelos
8. Panagiotidou Michaela
9. Tsartsi Eleni
10. Tsalouxidou Stefania
11. Tsea Lina
12. Tsanakas Konstantinos
13. Tsiamitros Giannis-Antonis
14. Tsiompanoglou Katerina
15. Filosoglou Vasilis
16. Filosidis Stavros
17. Hatziantonoglou Dimitris

The City Hall
by Panagiotidou Mihaela & Tsartsi Eleni

The Court House
by Tsiompanoglou Katerina, Tsanakas Kostas & Tsalouxidou Stefania

The Synagogue
by Georgiadis Stratos & Outsetaris Aggelos

The Tourkish school (3rd Primary School - our school)
by Arapidou Theopoula and Tsea Lina

The Christ's Church
by Giannopoulos Antonis & Filosoglou Bill

The Church of Kirikos & Ioulitas
by Ziliaskoudis Isidoros, Nathanail George & Litsmanov Roudi

The Medrese Mosque (cami)
by Filosidis Stavros, Tsiamitros John & Hatziantonogloy Jim

The Orta Mosque & the twin Hamam
by Tsalouxidou Eleonora-Stefania